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Mıhcı Law Firm, founded in Istanbul by Attorney Mustafa Mıhcı; It provides advocacy and legal consultancy services to its domestic and foreign clients in various fields of law, together with its expert lawyer staff. Since the day it was founded, Mıhcı Law Firm, which has adopted a knowledgeable, relevant and fast legal service approach, aims to provide the best legal service in defending the rights of its clients.

Mıhcı Law Firm has a partnership network with many law firms, lawyers and professional organizations in Turkey and abroad. For this reason, we provide legal services in many places, including Turkey and abroad.

Mıhcı Law Firm provides legal services in 5 foreign languages, primarily English and Russian. To see the main areas of expertise of our Law Firm, you can visit our expertise areas page or contact us.

Our Services


We provide litigation services within our areas of expertise and on requested matters.

Legal Consultancy

We provide answers to legal questions by reviewing relevant legislation and judicial decisions with our lawyers who are experts in their fields.

International Disputes

We provide international litigation, arbitration and debt follow-up services with our international cooperation network.

For All Your Legal Problems


Law Firm Consultation Form

You can ask your legal questions to Mıhcı Law Firm by filling out the consultation form below or on the ask a lawyer page.

Questions are usually answered within 24 hours. Make sure that you have entered your personal information correctly and be sure check your e-mail inbox for our reply. If your legal questions require detailed consultancy, the consultancy fee is indicated by our law firm in our answer. Your question will be answered upon payment. Questions and answers are kept confidential.

Getting Appointments and Offers

If you want to get legal advice at our law firm or make an appointment with our Istanbul or Ankara law office to discuss your case, you can request a date and time to be determined by contacting our office or through the lawyer consultation form.

If you would like to receive a price quote regarding our service fee, you can request an attorney’s fee proposal by specifying your relevant subject with details.

Attorney Mustafa Mihci

Founding Attorney of Mıhcı Law Firm Att. Mustafa Mıhcı started his career in law with a degree from Istanbul Kultur University Faculty of Law with a full scholarship. He worked full time in various law firms during his university years. For this reason, he developed his practical knowledge of law as well as theoretical knowledge throughout the university.


Attorney Mustafa Mıhcı, who opened his law office in Istanbul as the sole lawyer right after completing his legal internship, expanded his team in a short time. He studied Russian and international law at the National University of Taras Shevchenko. Continuing his master’s education in the field of private law, Att. Att.Mustafa Mıhcı still provides legal consultancy and advocacy services in various fields of law with his expert staff.


Att. Mıhcı has also written more than 500 articles in the field of law in print and internet media and still continues to write. The articles written have reached millions of reading rates over the years.


He is proficient in Russian and English.

Mıhcı Law Firm Scholarship Application

Mıhcı Law Office gives scholarships to law faculty students every year. If you are a law school student, fill out the form below. An e-mail will be sent to eligible persons to forward the required documents to the office.

Applications for 2021-2022 have been concluded.

Join our community of colleagues, including law students, to post articles on our website.

Some of our References

Mıhcı Law Firm Application

Mıhcı Law Firm – Ask a lawyer android application has been released. By downloading the application, you can do research on legal issues or ask your questions to our lawyers.

iOS application for iPhone phones is still under development.

Our mobile application is free for lawyers due to Lawyers’ Day.

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