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Mıhcı Law Firm, is a Law firm that operates in Istanbul and provides legal consultancy and advocacy services with its specialized lawyers in various legal branches, was founded by Attorney Mustafa Mıhcı.

Mıhcı Law Firm adopts the principle of providing legal services to its clients in a relevant, knowledgeable and fast way; Mıhcı Law Firm carries out its works with honesty, transparency and in a client-oriented way and has achieved many successes so far with its young and dynamic staff.

Mıhcı Law Firm has partnerships with both local and international law firms and important professional organizations. For this reason, it also provides litigation and debt follow-up, legal consultancy, arbitration and other advocacy services from all over Turkey and abroad.

Our Mission

Mıhcı Law Firm’s mission is to provide relevant, knowledgeable and fast legal services.

Our vision

Our vision is to do what is not done in the legal sector and to be the first choice of our clients and employees.

For more information about our law firm, you can visit our bureaus, articles and contact pages.

Geçmişten Günümüze


Mıhcı Law Firm was founded by Lawyer Mustafa Mıhcı on Halaskargazi Street in Şişli.


Mıhcı Law Firm, which used to serve with a single lawyer since its establishment, has added new members to its organization.


Mıhcı Law Firm was invited to an esteemed session among the 30 most respected law firms by the Kariyer Law Association.


It was moved from its establishment office to its new office in the center of Mecidiyeköy.


Mıhcı Law Firm android application has been released.


Mıhcı Law Office opened its Kyiv office, Ukraine.


With the addition of new members to the Mıhcı Law Firm team, the team exceeded 10 liveware in total.


Mıhcı Law Firm started to provide physical law trainings to companies under the Mıhcı Academy brand.


Mıhcı Law Firm started to provide online legal trainings under the brand of Mıhcı Academy.


After its first relocation, due to the increase in the number of team members, it moved to its new office where it is currently serving.


Our technology office where legal software is produced and various content, translation and social media activities are carried out was opened in Mecidiyeköy.


In order to conduct our business in Ankara more effectively, the Ankara office of Mıhcı Law Firm was opened.


With the addition of new members to the team, the number of employees in all offices exceeded 30.


Mıhcı Law Office started to produce video content by opening a Youtube channel in addition to the written content on the corporate site.

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Istanbul Office

Address: Ortaklar St. No: 14 Floor: 4 Flats: 7 Mecidiyeköy Sisli / Istanbul

Ankara Office

Adres: Mustafa Kemal Mah. Dumlupınar Boulv. No: 274 Mahall Ankara C2 Blok Kat:20 D:164 Çankaya/Ankara