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You can ask a question by filling out the form below completely. Answers are usually given by e-mail within hours, and the person asking is notified via SMS when a reply is sent. But first, please read the “Frequently Asked Questions About Ask a Lawyer Page” section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ask a Lawyer Page

I Want to Ask a Question to the Lawyer. How Can I Ask?

If you fill in the information in the form correctly and send it, your message will reach us as an e-mail. Then we reply with an e-mail in response to your question. Make sure you enter the information correctly so that our answer can reach you.

When Will I Get Answers to My Questions?

Questions you send through the online lawyer consultation form are usually answered within 24 hours. You will also be notified via SMS when your question has been answered. Please check your e-mail and spam box

Is It Free to Ask a Question to a Lawyer?

If your questions require only a short briefing, our lawyers usually anser them free of charge. However, if the answer requires detailed research and detailed consultancy, the question is answered after the consultancy fee is requested and it has been paid.

Can I Ask a Lawyer via Phone or Whatsapp?

You can reach us from the phone number on our contact page if you want to get consultancy by phone. However, we do not provide consultancy via Whatsapp. Whatsapp is only used for sending documents.

Can I Work With You After I Have An Answer To My Question?

If there is anything that can be done by our law firm within the scope of the question you asked, you will be informed about what can be done and the fee. If you accept our offer, the proceedings will begin. However, if the subject is a complex one and requires an office interview, information about the fee can only be given during the interview.

How is my privacy ensured?

The questions you send through the form and the answers we provide are confidential and will not be located anywhere on the site. Attorneys have an obligation to keep this a secret under the Attorneyship Law.

Consult a Lawyer-Ask a Lawyer Service

Consulting a lawyer is a situation that individuals or institutions may need at any time in their lives. Legal counseling is one of the active services provided by lawyers today. With the legal consultancy support to be provided for an individual event or on a continuous basis, legal problems of individuals can be resolved before they occur, and they can be effectively resolved with the right procedure to be followed later.

In addition to classical legal consultancy, online legal consultancy service has become available today.

Online Ask a Lawyer System

Today, as a result of the advancement of technology, legal service has also found the opportunity to be provided in the online environment. Today unlike before, people who want to ask a question to the lawyer have the opportunity to ask a lawyer through the online system without going to the law offices. Consulting a lawyer is a necessary condition, whether it is face to face or through an online service. The legal issues you want to know about are procedures that have been experienced and trained in detail by the attorney consulted.

There will definitely be a difference between the person who consults a lawyer about the legal process and the person acting on his/her own in terms of effectiveness of the legal process. For this very reason, it would be of their own interest for people to pursue their legal issues with the help and consultancy of a lawyer. Working with a lawyer will save you money and time. Online legal advice is also a form of legal support.

If requested, legal support can be provided to individuals and companies through the Ask a Lawyer section. In this context, people can ask our lawyers online about the legal problems they experience or the procedures they need to follow in order to avoid those problems. The dispute can have a national or an international element. Detailed feedback will be provided as soon as possible.

With the Ask a Lawyer system of our site, our office provides legal support services for everyone, regardless of them being local or foreign. You can ask questions to the lawyer through our website. To find out the way to follow in this process you can call our office by phone or follow the instructions below.

First of all, you need to fill out the form in the Ask a lawyer section on our website. The important thing here is that you inform us about the subject in a short, concise and clear manner, without skipping the necessary details from the beginning to the end. You can send copies of the documents you have regarding the legal issue to us via the same system. Then, our lawyers will determine the fastest and most effective way for you and provide you with detailed feedback. You can contact us by phone to learn about the issues you have in mind and to ask about the procedures of the ask a lawyer online system.

In order to receive regular consultancy services, you can send us a request through the Ask a lawyer form or contact us via our contact information listed in the contact us page.

How the Answers Are Given?

After you write your legal problem to our office via the Ask a Lawyer form, our lawyers will prepare an explanatory report and inform you of the most effective solution to be followed. This notice will also be in writing. At this point, we provide our consultancy services face-to-face in our office or in writing through our ask a lawyer system. The answers our lawyers will give on your question will show you explanatory and understandable solutions for every point of the dispute in writing.

The content of the reply to be sent to you will include the legal procedure you must follow, how long the process will take, the actions you must avoid, and other details regarding your legal issue such as the period of prescription you must comply with.

When you ask a question to our lawyers through the Ask a Lawyer system, our lawyers work on the issue and provide you with a written response as soon as possible. During this process it is always possible to contact us by phone.

Online Consultation System of Our Law Firm

Mıhcı Law Firm is one of the first law firms in Turkey to provide an online consultation service. In addition to this, our ask a lawyer android application is the first in its field in Turkey as well.

As Mıhcı Law Firm, we continue our consultancy and litigation activities with our experienced staff in many areas of law that we specialize in. We are always in a difficult and strict working process in terms of following the constantly changing legislation and effective follow-up of litigation. In addition, we are aware of the importance of the problems experienced by our clients and the people and institutions we do provide consultancy services to, and the vitality of reaching a solution as quickly as possible. In this context, we continue to produce effective solutions to written consultancy requests received through our website.

Necessity of Consulting a Lawyer

Sometimes, it is seen that people are hesitant to consult a lawyer. Even though there may be some reasons for this, this will cause greater loss of rights than the monetary benefit that is thought to be obtained by not consulting a lawyer. Even though it was possible to reach the result accurately and quickly by following the necessary legal procedure with a lawyer, the situation will become difficult to get out of and lead to irreparable results.

Today, the legislation has messy and intricate provisions in many cases or legal application procedures. In the complex legal system, getting legal support and counseling from a lawyer in the process of seeking rights is of great importance in order to prevent problems that may arise in advance or to solve an existing problem in the most effective way. Asking questions to a lawyer online through our website is one of our services provided for these purposes.

In the event of a legal dispute or an administrative procedure , people may not always be aware of the opportunities afforded to them by the law. It is important to avoid incorrect or negligent actions that may lead to loss of rights. For this reason, lawyers, from whom individuals or institutions seek legal assistance, should manage the legal process by prioritizing their clients’ interests. End of Ask a Lawyer page.