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Istanbul Criminal Lawyer

The work of Istanbul criminal lawyer continues effectively by Mıhcı Law Firm.

Below, we talked about Istanbul criminal lawyer activities, Istanbul criminal lawyer fees. We provided contact information and answered frequently asked questions. Since it is an important issue, we recommend that you examine it carefully.

IMPORTANT: Istanbul criminal lawyer and Istanbul heavy penal lawyer actually mean the same thing. Lawyers dealing with criminal cases in Istanbul are not separate as heavy criminal and first instance criminal lawyers. Istanbul criminal lawyer handles both first instance criminal cases, heavy criminal cases and criminal investigations in Istanbul. Below, Istanbul criminal lawyer and Istanbul heavy criminal lawyer are used in the same sense.

Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Activities

Lawyers of Mıhcı Law Firm provide criminal attorney services to their clients from their office in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul, in Istanbul Criminal Courts of Peace, Istanbul Criminal Courts of First Instance, Istanbul Heavy Criminal Courts and Istanbul prisons.

The work of Mıhcı Law Firm’s Istanbul criminal lawyers is generally as follows;

  • During the investigation phase, making statements to the police station or the prosecutor’s office, presenting a defense petition, taking part in the arrest and detention investigation hearing, visiting the prison and defending the rights here, objecting to other protection measures, etc.
  • During the prosecution phase of the Criminal Court of First Instance, the Istanbul criminal lawyer defends in terms of the acts in the indictment and the offenses being charged, attends the hearings, presents evidence, objects to the evidence, ensures the expansion of the investigation, objects to detention and protection measures, objects to the HAGB (deferment of the announcement of the verdict) decision, etc.
  • During the prosecution phase of the High Criminal Court, Istanbul criminal lawyer objects to the detention, conducts evidence research and presents it to the court, defends the alleged crimes within the framework of the Supreme Court decisions and current legislation, visits the prison and also follows the maximum duration of detention.
  • The lawyer makes complaints and follow-ups in Intellectual and Industrial Rights Criminal Court cases. The lawyer makes a defense for the accused, puts forward a request for the intervening and closely monitors the process.
  • The lawyer performs effective advocacy for the accused, attorneyship for the complainant and effective follow-up of the process in the cases of the Criminal Court of Execution. Defends within the framework of current high court decisions.
  • At the stage of appeal, Istanbul criminal lawyers perform procedures such as requesting a hearing at the stage of appeal, attending the hearings, monitoring the process, and requesting routine prison and police station procedures when necessary.
  • In addition, the lawyer applies to the Ministry of Justice for reversal in favor of the law, to be heard at the Court of Cassation in terms of the final decisions given by the prosecutor’s office or the court.
  • If the client’s fundamental rights are violated during the criminal procedure or imprisonment, the lawyer applies to the Constitutional Court and, if necessary, to the European Court of Human Rights.
  • If the client is wrongfully arrested, the lawyer files a lawsuit for wrongful arrest compensation.

Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Contact Information

Address of Mıhcı Law Istanbul Office: Ortaklar Avenue. No: 14, Floor: 4, Apartment: 7, Mecidiyeköy Şişli / Istanbul.

Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Phone Number: +90 (212) 909 19 94

E-Mail Address:

Working Hours: Weekdays 09.00 – 19.00 (You need to contact our office separately for out-of-hours appointment requests.)

Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Fees

Istanbul criminal lawyer fee and especially Istanbul criminal lawyer fee are determined freely between the client and Istanbul lawyer. There are various factors affecting this fee. First of all, there is the attorney’s fee schedule recommended by the Istanbul Bar Association.

This tariff is advisory for Istanbul lawyers and is not binding. However, in general, the fees are determined around this tariff. The excess of the alleged crimes, whether the client is under arrest, at what stage of the process, the number of witnesses, defendants and complainants, the variety of evidence, etc. are the other factors affecting the determination of this fee.

IMPORTANT: The table below is the advisory tariff for Istanbul Bar Association Istanbul Attorney 2023. According to the factors mentioned above, Istanbul criminal lawyer fee may be less or more than the amount in the table.

2023 Istanbul criminal lawyer fee is included in the Istanbul Bar Association tariff as follows:

Heavy Criminal Defence Counsel69.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Heavy Criminal Plaintiff Victim/Intervening Advocacy44.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Defence Counsel in the Juvenile Heavy Criminal Case,69.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Child Heavy Criminal Case Victim/Intervening Advocacy44.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Defence Counsel in Criminal Case of First Instance44.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Attorney of Victim/Intervening in Criminal Case of First Instance,27.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Defence Counsel in the Juvenile Criminal Case44.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Victim/Intervening Advocacy in Juvenile Criminal Case27.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Complaint and Follow-up in Criminal Cases for Intellectual and Industrial Property Rigths23.500,00 Turkish Liras.
Defence Counsel in Criminal Cases for Intellectual and Industrial Property Rigths,35.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Intervening Advocacy in Criminal Cases for Intellectual and Industrial Property Rigths,35.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Defence Counsel in Enforcement Criminal Courts,15.000,00 TL,
Complainant Advocacy in Enforcement Criminal Courts,15.000,00 TL,
Preventive Detention for Violation of the Precautionary Decision in the Family Court,13.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Affairs and Cases in Criminal Courts of Peace,18.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Affairs and Cases in Offices of Judge of Execution,18.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Affairs and Cases in Disciplinary Courts,20.000,00 TL.
Advocacy or Attorneyship in Criminal Proceedings (Prosecution Stage)15.000,00 TL,
Complaint and Follow-up in Office of Chief Public Prosecutor8.000,00 TL,
Advocacy or Attorneyship in Administrative Investigation,15.000,00 TL,
Appeal for The Sake of Law and Attorneyship in Administrative Agency,8.000,00 TL,
Appeal Constitutional Court (with trial),35.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Appeal Constitutional Court (without trial),30.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Appeal Europian Court of Human Right (with trial),113.000,00 Turkish Liras.
Appeal Europian Court for Human Right (without trial),83.000,00 Turkish Liras.

Frequently Asked Questions

We find it useful to answer some frequently asked questions after giving information about the fees, contact information and work areas of Istanbul criminal lawyer.

How Long Does the Criminal Case Take in Istanbul?

Prosecutor’s investigations in Istanbul usually last between 3 months and 2 years. The average duration is 4-5 months. However, due to the fact that judicial cases are different from each other, investigations lasting 2-3 years can be seen rarely, as can be a one-week investigation.

Criminal cases in Istanbul are generally concluded in 2-3 hearings. This varies between 3 months and 2 years.

In Istanbul, heavy criminal cases result in an average of 4-6 hearings. This corresponds to a period of approximately 8 months to 3 years.

How Much Does a Criminal Case Cost in Istanbul?

Criminal cases in Istanbul do not require any expense as they are filed by the public prosecutor’s office on behalf of the public. To put it more accurately, there is no expense to be paid by either the complainant or the accused.

However, in order to demonstrate the justification of the defense, some external expert reports, expert opinions, etc. may need to take. Then this will have costs that vary depending on the expert applied for.

How is Istanbul Criminal Lawyer’s Fee Determined?

While determining the fee of Istanbul criminal lawyer, the advisory fee schedule of the Istanbul Bar Association is taken as a basis, but the figures given here are not binding.

In other words, the determination is made around these figures, but taking into account various factors, to be less or more than the figure in this tariff. Istanbul criminal lawyer fee is determined in this way.

When is the Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Fee Paid?

In practice, Istanbul criminal lawyer fees are often paid in advance. In some cases, this fee may be paid in instalments. Or there may be some down payment at the beginning and the remaining part may be paid in installments. However, most of the time, Istanbul criminal lawyer fees are paid in advance at the beginning of the process.

How to Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Istanbul?

Expressions such as the best criminal lawyer in Istanbul are not used by lawyers because they are against the professional ethics of lawyers. These expressions are mostly used colloquially.

In practice, lawyers who deal with criminal cases intensively and have experience in criminal cases are referred to as “Istanbul best criminal lawyer”, “best criminal lawyer in Istanbul”, “Istanbul criminal lawyer advice”. Since it was established, Mıhcı Law Firm has been intensively handling criminal and heavy criminal cases in Istanbul.

Which Prisons Are There in Istanbul?

In Istanbul; There are prisons with the names of Maltepe, Kartal, Ümraniye, Paşakapı, Metris, Silivri, Bakırköy, 3rd Corps Special Prosedure Military Prison.

Can a Criminal Lawyer Meet with the Prisoner in Prison?

The answer is yes. The lawyer can meet with the prisoner in prison. The lawyer can get information about the way the event occurred. The lawyer can give information about the necessary roadmap and possible results in defense.

Which Court Hears Criminal Cases in Istanbul?

Public Prosecutor of IstanbulConducting all kinds of criminal investigations and preparing the indictment,
Istanbul Criminal Judgeships of PeaceArrest and judicial control etc. during the investigation phase. the provision of protective measures,
Istanbul Criminal Court of First InstanceExcept for the exceptions written in the law, crimes with a legal maximum penalty of less than 10 years,
Istanbul Assize Courts,In addition to cases with a maximum legal penalty of more than 10 years, looting, extortion, forgery of official documents, qualified fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, crimes against state security, secrets, constitutional order and national defense. (318, 319, 324, 325 and 332 articles excluded)
Istanbul Juvenile Courts,Criminal offenses committed by children (prinal criminal offenses are shown in the 4th row of the table)
Istanbul Juvenile Heavy Criminal Courts,Heavy criminal offenses committed by children (heavy criminal offenses are shown in the fifth row of the table)
Istanbul Enforcement Criminal Courts,Preventive detention cases in the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and other laws. (Excluding exceptions such as violation of removal from home, etc. 6284)
Istanbul Criminal Courts for Intellectual and Industrial Property RigthsIntellectual roperty offenses in Law of Intellectual Property Rights (crimes against works of art and rights such as trademarks, patents, etc.)
Istanbul Disciplinary Courts,Military disciplinary offenses,
Istanbul Regional Court of Justice Criminal Offices,Re-examination of the sentences of imprisonment and fines given by the court of first instance (there are limits in terms of judicial fines),
Supreme Court Criminal Offices,Re-examination of decisions other than reversal given by the Divisional Courts (some exceptions exist in terms of penalty amounts)
Istanbul Offices of Judge of ExecutionDisputes between convicts and detainees regarding the administration of the prison or the execution of the sentence or detention,
Constitutional Court,Evaluation of rights violations during the criminal proceedings,
European Court of Human RightsEvaluation of the application regarding the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms in the European Convention on Human Rights.

What Does an Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Do?

Istanbul criminal lawyer has a very important place and duty at every stage of criminal procedure. Criminal cases are related to imprisonment, and therefore are about personal freedoms. In addition, it is a very critical issue that the crime and punishment that is possible to be enacted is recorded in the criminal record. The help of a lawyer prevents the person from being exposed to unfair treatment at these stages. In general, the importance of Istanbul criminal lawyers can be better understood in the following points:

In terms of suspect and defendant:

  • The suspect in the file should know the details of the file beforehand when the person called to testify in the law enforcement. It is important for the person to know what kind of allegations and what kind of evidence is in the file. When a person gives a statement without knowing these, he/she may put himself/herself in a difficult situation. Therefore, the assistance of a lawyer is important at this stage. Istanbul lawyer examines the file, informs and guides the client. The lawyer takes the side of the client in the law enforcement statement. The lawyer makes a statement.
  • Investigations carried out by the police and gendarmerie, unfortunately, sometimes violate the rights of the suspect. Istanbul criminal lawyer prevents these violations. The lawyer presents a statement to the investigation file, contests the evidence and presents new evidence.
  • Istanbul criminal lawyer attends the arrest and judicial control hearings held in the peace penitentiary. The lawyer discusses the evidence in the investigation file and the actual case in the context of the conditions of detention and strives for the person to be tried pending trial. If the arrest is made, the lawyer will object to this and attend regular detention investigation hearings.
  • The process of defending the rights of detained or convicted clients in penal institutions is also among the duties of the lawyer.
  • Law enforcement officers in Istanbul sometimes act contrary to the procedural procedures in the Criminal Procedure Code while conducting investigations and obtaining evidence. In order to determine such situations, the Istanbul criminal lawyer examines the file with all its details. If the evidence has been obtained unlawfully, a judgment cannot be made about the person based on this evidence. Istanbul criminal lawyer works to ensure this situation.
  • It is also among the duties of the lawyer to actively follow and participate in the hearings held in the Istanbul Criminal Courts of First Instance and Istanbul Heavy Criminal Courts. These hearings are very important. Because in these hearings, verbal defense is made and demands are put forward. It is requested to complete the missing transactions. Research is done.
  • The lawyer presents a written defense to the file, which is the most critical stage of the defense petition process. In this defense, the actual case is evaluated through the current Supreme Court decisions and legal regulations and the rights of the client are defended. Evidence is discussed. In fact, if there is a verdict against it as a result of the first-instance trial, the Court of Appeal will make an assessment based on this defense. Therefore, it is of great importance.
  • Of course, the petitions of appeal are as important as the defense petition to be submitted to the court of first instance. If copy-paste repetitions of the statements put forward in the trial are added to these petitions, neither the petition nor the appeal will have any meaning. Here, the defense of the other party and the justification established by the court should be discussed and a defense should be made within the framework of legal regulations. For this, the help of the best criminal lawyer in Istanbul is important.
  • At the end of the process, among the duties of the Istanbul criminal lawyer, of course, there is also to file a lawsuit for wrongful arrest compensation. In addition, when the client’s rights are violated, an individual application to the Constitutional Court and a lawsuit must be filed in the European Court of Human Rights. These are highly sensitive and technical processes. Here, it is necessary to act according to clear, concise, convincing and actual claims.

In terms of the victim and the complainant;

  • The biggest mistake made by the complainants and victims in criminal investigations in Istanbul is the incompleteness of the transactions and statements they neglected. If they testify in law enforcement or make statements at hearings without the assistance of an Istanbul criminal lawyer, they become victims of incomplete and neglected procedural actions.
  • If a statement made by the suspect or the accused creates doubt, this statement must be denied. Otherwise, the suspect will benefit from the doubt. In this case, secondary victimization arises for the complainant. Therefore, the assistance of an Istanbul lawyer should be sought when preparing a petition, while giving a statement at the law enforcement or in court, and when making a statement against the suspect/defendant defense.
  • The Istanbul lawyer also follows the investigation and prosecution processes for the victim and the complainant and makes a statement against the defense by attending the hearings.
  • If a verdict is given against the victim, the appeal is a matter that require great attention. The copy-paste appeal of the general actions in the petition will result in loss of rights. Here, both the justification established by the court and the defense of the accused should be discussed in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court and the legal regulations.

Istanbul criminal lawyer activities are not limited to the ones mentioned above. In this process, strategic thinking should be considered at every stage and action should be taken according to current precedent decisions.

Importance of Criminal Lawyer

We talked about Istanbul criminal lawyer fees, contact information and work above. We answered frequently asked questions.

Istanbul criminal cases are not as uniform as they seem from the outside. If it is acted randomly, there will be loss of rights. It is necessary to create a long-term strategy from the beginning of the file. If necessary, it is necessary to take steps that seem to be in favor of the other party in the short term, but in favor of the decision in the long term. How to act can be learned with the help of the best criminal lawyer in Istanbul. For this reason, it is necessary to get help from Istanbul law firm in criminal investigation and prosecution processes.

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